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The founder of Papa's Sunflower Seeds, is a European immigrant who already had a passion for roasting and eating his own sunflower seeds. He wanted to create a brand of roasted seeds unlike any other and share it with the world.  Over the years he experimented with many different ingredients and techniques. Having tried all the other brands of seeds out there, his goal was to create something completely different from the mass produced, over salted, run of the mill seeds you can get at the store. 


After much trial and error, with some batches better than others of course. He tested out different samples on his family and friends who gave him some honest feedback. Finally after years of attempts, he created the freshest, made to order roasted garlic and herb blend of sunflower seeds. Each batch of Papa's Sunflower Seeds is hand roasted, made to order and seasoned to perfection.  It's made with real bits of roasted garlic, herbs and spices you can actually see in each bag.  Enjoy!  



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