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The founder of Papa's Sunflower Seeds, roasted his own sunflower seeds his whole life.   One day, while eating his seeds and watching his daughter play softball, her team was searching for a product to raise money with, so he set out to create a brand of roasted seeds unlike any other and help his daughter's team raise funds. 


Having tried all the other brands of seeds out there, his goal was to create something completely different and a healthy alternative to the mass produced, over salted, run of the mill seeds you can get at the store.  Spending so much time at the softball games and driving long distances to tournaments, he wanted a brand of seeds that you can eat and enjoy all the time, without getting that "Raw Salt Mouth" you can get from store bought brands.


Finally, he created the freshest, made to order roasted garlic and herb blend of sunflower seeds. Each batch of Papa's Sunflower Seeds is hand roasted, and seasoned to perfection.  They are made with real bits of roasted garlic, herbs and spices you can actually see in each bag.    Enjoy!  



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